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Thinny Skinnies – Leaky skin: the cause of dermatitis, eczema and skin allergies? Micki Rose revises her excellent 2009 article looking at recent research and suggesting how you might deal with the problem. April 2017

Titanium sensitivity - and safety. Alex Gazzola looks into titanium in suncreams, in make up, in toothcare products and in food and asks whether one can react to it and how safe it really is. August 2015

Allergic Contact Dermatitis to plant extracts in cosmetics. A new paper offers a sobering reminder that some of the most potent allergens used in skincare products are sourced from nature – not the laboratory. Alex Gazzola reports. February 2014

Methylisothiazolinone (MI / MIT) & Methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI / CMIT): Problem Preservatives. Alex Gazzola rounds-up the latest news – including recent calls and recommendations for a ban. January 2014

Useful overview of eczema from NY Times blogs  July 2013

New survey from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that about 1 in 20 U.S. children now have food allergies. That's a 50% increase from the late 1990s. For eczema and other skin allergies, it's 1 in 8 children, an increase of 69%. It found no increase, however, in hay fever or other respiratory allergies. May 2013 

Severe atopic eczema. Dr Susan Chan, clinical research fellow at Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital. A presentation at the Allergy Research Foundation conference. November 2012

Contact dermatitis and cosmetics. Cosmetic products can sometimes trigger an adverse response, either irritant or allergic. Alex Gazzola looks at the kinds of responses cosmetics can cause, how to get diagnosed if you have a problem, and how to avoid your triggers. November 2010

Increase in allergic skin diseases. November 2010

The hygiene hypothesis reviewed with particular reference to eczema and hay fever in Indian populations. 2007

Eczema and Allergy: the relationship between allergy and eczema, and how this relationship tends to be ignored by those in the medical profession, by Dr Harry Morrow Brown. 2006

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