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Titanium sensitivity - and safety. Alex Gazzola looks into titanium in suncreams, in make up, in toothcare products and in food and asks whether one can react to it and how safe it really is. August 2015

An Update on Methylisothiazolinone (MI) from Dr Chris Flower, Director-General of CTPA (the UK cosmetic trade association). August 2015

Are You Sure Your Natural Products Comply with EU Regulations – And Are They Legal? – A report by Alex Gazzola of a talk by Dr Mojgan Moddaresi of Personal Care Regulatory. May 2015

Rich Waxes and Butters – An extract from the new Neal's Yard Beauty Book. February 2015

MI oh MI.... In January 2014, SkinsMatter investigated the worrying increase in allergies to two preservatives – MCI and, principally, MI. Almost a year on, Alex Gazzola looks at the current state of play. November 2014

Armpit bacteria differs from the bacteria in cotton T shirts and those in man-made fabrics – dealing naturally with odours. September 2014

Further Evidence Linking Natural Skincare with Food Allergies. Alex Gazzola looks at why those with eczema and broken skin - especially with a history of atopy or food allergies - may need to take a closer look at their skincare routine. August 2014

John Scott's home-made additive-free toothpaste. First published 2008; revised and updated 2014

Oil be Good - Jean Glen of Skinvelop Skincare explains that it is not only the type of oil or butter you plump for when looking for skincare products which matters – but the quality too. 2014

Decoding Cosmetic Ingredients Lists – What’s Beneath The Lid? Speaking at the 2014 Natural and Organic Products Europe exhibitionl,
Judi Beerling, Technical Research Manager at Organic Monitor, gave an overview of cosmetic ingredients, especially synthetics, that could be lurking in ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ beauty products. Alex Gazzola listened in. May 2014

Allergic Contact Dermatitis to plant extracts in cosmetics. A new paper offers a sobering reminder that some of the most potent allergens used in skincare products are sourced from nature – not the laboratory. Alex Gazzola reports. February 2014

Methylisothiazolinone (MI / MIT) & Methylchloroisothiazolinone (MCI / CMIT): Problem Preservatives. Alex Gazzola rounds-up the latest news – including recent calls and recommendations for a ban. January 2014

Summer sun care. Alex Gazzola rounds up of some of the brands and products which may be worth exploring for your summer sun and skincare regimen. July 2013

The growing problem with fragrance. Alex Gazzola reviews a new report recommending that the number of fragrance allergens subject to compulsory individual labelling be increased to around 130, looks at how those sensitive to fragrances can protect themselves against ‘parfums’, and examines the likelihood of the recommendations becoming law. November 2012

The scientist who led a three-year investigation into the toxicity of chemicals used in fragrances has hit back at claims by some of the world's leading perfume houses that the report's recommendations will destroy the industry. November 2012

EC Scientific Committee for Consumer Safety to look, again, at parabens. November 2012

Gluten-free skincare. Alex Gazzola investigates what that means, what is available and whether those with coeliac disease need it. November 2011

Interesting article on the various regulations and 'standards' applied to skin and personal care products in the Atlanta Journal Constitution June 2011

Alex Gazzola reviews the skin products he found at the 2011 Allergy and Gluten-free Show. May 2011

Useful guide to reading labels from the US International Dermal Institute.

Mercury in skin lightening creams. September 2010  

What's in your personal care products? A useful report from WebMD. September 2010

Nut and seed-free face products for eczema sufferers. Micki Rose has some suggestions. August 2010

Contact dermatitis and cosmetics. Cosmetic products can sometimes trigger an adverse response, either irritant or allergic. Alex Gazzola looks at the kinds of responses cosmetics can cause, how to get diagnosed if you have a problem, and how to avoid your triggers. July 2010

Skin conditions mistakenly blamed for wet wipe rashes. July 2010

Fragrances in the workplace – sensitive employees could be protected under new US law. March 2010

Skin creams - a barrier to health? An investigation into skin creams, what they contain and how they are affecting our health, by Micki Rose. 2009

Concern about child and teen exposure to chemicals via cosmetics. 2008

Danger of lead in lipstick - a report from the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. February 2008



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