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How to beat extra dry skin.Wendy Stirling of Botanicals Natural Organic Skincare looks at the causes - and advises on which products might help, and how to choose them. June 2016

Does hard water worsen chronic skin conditions? The evidence seems unclear. Read more. October 2015

Titanium sensitivity - and safety. Alex Gazzola looks into titanium in suncreams, in make up, in toothcare products and in food and asks whether one can react to it and how safe it really is. August 2015

Out of date make up could be dangerous for those who are in immune-compromised states or have a compromised skin barrier. March 2015

Sweat-eating bacteria may improve skin health. September 2014

Shampoo and soap wreak havoc on the skin’s microbiome. May 2014

Nutritional supplements for skincare Part 2. In the article below we looked at key supplements in tablet and capsule form for skincare and beauty, but there are also a number available in liquid form which are worth exploring. January 2014

Nutritional supplements for skincare Part 1. We’re often asked for recommendations of skincare or beauty supplements free of key food allergens and other ingredients. Here, we round up some of the key supplements on the market. December 2013

Winter skin tips. Three top skincare experts – Juliette Scarfe of Bareskin Beauty, Sunita Passi of Tri-Dosha and Amanda Elias of Bravura London – share their advice to get you and your skin through the winter months. November 2013

Skin care products can be more toxic than food. Warnings from GreenMedInfo. October 2013

Summer sun care. Alex Gazzola rounds up of some of the brands and products which may be worth exploring for your summer sun and skincare regimen. July 2013

Preservative methylisothiazolinone blamed for ‘one of the worst outbreaks of allergy to cosmetic products I have ever seen.’ Dermatologists estimate one in ten patients they see with eczema or dermatitis is allergic to the chemical. Reproted in the Mailonline July 2013

The 10 essential oils for skin health. Olivia Chapman, aromatherapist and founder of Oleo Bodycare, gives us her list of favourite essential oils, and why they’re so good in providing effective and pleasant treatments for skin issues such as cuts, burns, ailments and many more besides. March 2013

Eat Your Way to Winter Radiance. Juliette Scarfe – natural health guru and founder of organic skincare range Bare Skin Beauty takes you through her top nutritional tips to nurture your skin and reclaim your radiance this winter. February 2013

Herbal medicine for skin conditions. Medical herbalist, Lyn Blythe, looks at how herbal medicine can be helpful in the management of eczema, psoriasis, acne and rosacea. November 2012

The false promises of sunscreens. Two in-depth investigations in the Townsend Letter. July 2012 and Aug/Sept 2012.

Tanning can become clinically addictive. Interesting article in the New York Times suggesting that tanning actually changes brain wave patterns. August 2011

Tanning, sunscreens and melanoma. A very long and interesting article on the Arizona Center for Advanced Medicine site discussing melanoma and the increasing evidence that the rise in its incidence, far from being caused by excess sun exposure, may well be caused by too little exposure. 2011. Also see the summary of melanoma-related research by Professors Örjan Hallberg, Olle Johansson. March 2011

Healthy Skin Product Ranges. Micki Rose reviews her top products for sensitive skin, keeping an especial eye open for those which are grain and gluten free. April 2011

Sun Screens. US Environmental Working Group's excellent report on sunscreens. October 2010

Natural sun burn remedies. June 2010

Vitiligo and stomach acid connected. February 2010

Chemical preservative in furniture causes dermatitis. March 2010

Toilet seat dermatitis. January 2010

Possible harmful effects of hand 'sanitisers'. Courtesy of Latitudes. 2009

Joining up the dots. Chemically sensitive Lesley Williams calls us to action. 2009

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Matthew Hogg gives a personal overview. 2007

The Chemical Connection. Dr Paula Baillie, author of Stop the 21st Century Killing You, looks at how chemicals are poisoning our immune systems and what we can do about it. 2005


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