FreeFrom Skin Care Awards Winners 2016



Face Care (Wash Off)

Gold Award


Kinvara Skincare, Absolute Cleansing Oil

“Left my skin feeling cleansed, soft and nourished – but not stripped. Over the month I felt the product significantly improved the condition of my skin. My skin tone was more even and my rosacea redness reduced – continued to reduce over the course of the month. It delivered. I felt I could go without moisturiser.”

“Texture and fragrance was just right. Removes all traces of make-up including waterproof eye makeup. Skin felt thoroughly cleansed, no dryness. After a month pores look clearer and reduced in size, blemishes are clearing, under skin bumps are becoming less noticable and skin condition looks healthier and more toned.”

Silver Award

Heaven Skincare, Cleanse & Foam Wash

“I absolutely love this fragrance - fresh, clean and warm. You can clearly smell the mandarin - but it's not overpowering. Cleansed beautifully. I was wowed by the fact that my skin felt so clean and hydrated."

"I've never known a facial wash to be so effective. My skin looked clearer and felt less dry - my open pores seemed slightly minimised - which I'm sure is as a result of the wash. Without a doubt it delivers."

Skincere, Cream Cleanser

“This super cream cleanser was easy to use … had a lovely rich creamy texture … worked very well on make-up leaving no trace behind. No dryness. Improved the condition of the skin with continued use leaving it much softer and moisturised. I would definitely buy it again as it was a gentle but highly effective cleanser. Loved the product, as a cleaning wash as well as a make up remover.”


Bronze Award

AEOS, Cleansing Oil De-Maq

“I had no idea that this type of product existed and it delivered exactly what I have been after for years. A revelation to my make-up and beauty regime.”

“A little goes a long way. Brilliant at make-up removal, left my skin feeling so soft, fresh and conditioned.”

Lyonsleaf, Beauty Balm

“Gorgeous spa like fragrance, comforting and pampering. Cleansed my face so well. Removed make up and daily grime and impurities. A little went a long way, very concentrated. Not drying at all, very moisurised, supple and hydrated. My skin was glowing, tone was improved and I just looked like a better me.”

Myroo Skincare, Starflower and Orange Blossom – Cloth and Cleanser

“My face felt very cleansed and moisurised. Skin looked rejuvenated and felt soft. I had no problems with dryness. It's a gentle cleanser and you do not feel as if your skin is being stripped."

"My skin felt softer after using it for a month. Felt cleansed and refreshed every time I used it and I like the organic muslin cloth it comes with.”

Yes To, Grapefruit Daily Facial Scrub

“Skin felt smooth and very cleansed and very fresh after use … just the right amount of exfoliating component. It wasn't too rough and it didn't leave the skin feeling tender. I do feel that with regular use a couple of times a week it really impacts how your skin feels and behaves.  It really did deliver.”



Overall Winner, Best Brand and FreeFrom Achievement Award

1. Family Skincare - sponsored by NATorigin

2. Men's Grooming

3. Hair Care

4. Body Care ('Leave On')

5. Body Care ('Take Off')

6. Face and body oils and Oil Serums

7. Make Up – sponsored by Benecos

8. Hand, Nail and Foot Care

9. Hard Soaps

10. Face Care ('Leave On')

11. Face Care ('Wash Off')

12. Problem Skin

13. ‘Fresh and Fragrant’


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