FreeFrom Skin Care Awards Winners 2017




Face Care (Leave On)

Sponsored by Bare&Beyond

Gold Award

AEOS, Realive Serum

“Absorbs easily into the skin leaving no residue. Works really well used daily … helped get rid of the dry patches around my nose and cheeks in just a week. Impressed. Really nourishing, without feeling heavy on the skin. Gave skin a boost, looked radiant.”

“A lovely lightweight serum with the most gorgeous fragrance. Gentle, and effective. This is now my ‘desert island’ product as I feel I have my glow back and a healthier, less tired looking skin.”

“My skin not only looks more radiant but feels more hydrated too, there is a luminosity that wasn't there before. My skin looks much better and seems revitalised, and even my friends have noticed.”

Silver Award

Samaya Ayurveda, Vata Anti-Ageing Cream

“So feminine and uplifting. A real pleasure. It blends into skin really easily and silkily leaving skin feeling pleasant to the touch. I wear a blemish cover-up and it is completely compatible with this. A lovely bottle of sweet fragrance and miracles. It softens and smoothes skin and smells gorgeous. It made my skin very happy. My face and neck are noticeably softer to the touch and lines are softer/less apparent.  My skin is also usually prone to acne but I am sure this cream helped to virtually rid me of that.”

Bronze Award

Bee Loved Natural Skincare, Bee Loved Face Cream

“Performed really well and I have used it happily every single day. It has kept my skin beautifully moisturised and supple. A fab product to test, it has really smoothed and plumped my skin. The lines on my forehead are not as noticeable and the skin around my lips is much firmer. Would make the perfect winter moisturiser as it feels so very protective and nourishing.”

Evolve Beauty, Hyaluronic Acid 200

“My skin was soft, smooth textured, calm and even in tone after just one application. My skin felt hydrated, clean, clear and very healthy … fine lines were smoothed out, uneven patches were gone, there was no residue and my skin felt and looked toned and super healthy. Very refreshing to have a serum that was not overloaded with ingredients and fragrance.”

Green People, Beauty Boost Skin Restore

“This is an excellent moisturiser to wear under make-up, working well as a primer, leaving skin adequately hydrated without promoting shine. Delivers great results every day. My skin is more radiant, wrinkles are smoothed, my skin now looks dewy and fresh instead of tired and grey. Has also tackled a rough patch on my cheek that I could just not budge with my usual creams.”

Henry Tianus, Antioxidant Youthful Essence

“Enjoyably slippy and easy to spread … My skin seemed to guzzle this product in ... it was comforted using this serum and felt calm and balanced after application. It evened my skin tone and lines were softer. It has been a tonic for my fatigued skin and evened out my skin tone. Skin feels nourished and plump.”

Kinvara Skincare, Eye Wow! Eye Serum

“On a day to day basis this was wonderful, it left the eye area feeling cooled and refreshed, it reduced any puffiness that had accumulated under the eye area after sleeping. I really like the rollerball, as it helped with the drainage around the eye area. Plumped out the fine lines, but over time it also left my skin feeling less dehydrated. Definitely delivered.”

Performance Cosmetic Innovations, Rich Repair Night Cream

“My skin looked amazing. Sensitive skin around my jawbone can sometimes have the texture of tarmac, and my skin was film-star smooth. I couldn't stop smoothing it in delight. This is my miracle cream. My tired, stressed skin loved it and I had some lovely compliments as to how well and glowing I looked. What can I say - I finally love my skin.”



Overall Winner, Best Brand and FreeFrom Achievement Award

1. Family Skincare - sponsored by NATorigin

2. Men's Grooming - sponsored by Beauty Kitchen

3. Hair Care

4. Body Care ('Leave On')

5. Body Care ('Take Off')

6. Face and body oils and Oil Serums

7. Make Up

8. Hand, Nail and Foot Care

9. Hard Soaps

10. Lip Balms - sponsored by The Green People

11. Face Care ('Leave On') - sponsored by Bare&Beyond

12. Face Care ('Wash Off')

13. Problem Skin

14. ‘Fresh and Fragrant’

15. Where to buy the products


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