FreeFrom Skin Care Awards Winners 2017



'Fresh and Fragrant'

Gold Award




Neal’s Yard Remedies, Peppermint & Lime Organic Roll on Deodorant

“Enjoyable to use, left my skin feeling lovely and fresh and gave a pleasant fragrance. I can't think of any way in which it could be improved, I thought the product was great. I love the NYR branding, it's so luxurious, modern and reliable.”

“Deodorised all day … very effective, and during exercise. Armpit was not irritated at all, unlike normal deodorant.”

“Kind to skin, not as harsh as other deodorants. My underarm area felt less irritated after shaving and was softer and smoother.”

Silver Award

Earth Conscious, Natural Deodorant

“Found this very effective and much better than a much more expensive natural deodorant I had been using prior to this one. Felt my clothes stayed fresher for longer whilst using it, so gave me more confidence. It continued to work well after the month and I also felt that my underarms were more comfortable and didn't get the usual irritation after shaving due to the moisturising effect of the coconut oil. This is an excellent natural deodorant and the best one I have tried to date.”

Bronze Award

Rosalena, Goodness & Tonic Face Mist

“It is like a jump start for skin! Outstanding. The fragrance is light, fresh and invigorating. Gorgeous light orange and citrus. The texture is the lightest of sprays, like mist. Perfect. I tried using after moisturising as a toner and it was lovely but the real benefit is to kick start the senses when tired or stressed. It also seems to revive my make up at the end of a day. I would buy it by the crate load.”

Scentered, Escape Therapy Balm

“It smells luxurious and exotic - a mix of oud, sandalwood, cedarwood, frankincense, amber, vanilla, patchouli, rose, birch, clove and cinnamon. Reminds me of perfume shops in the Middle East. I enjoyed it both as a scent and as a therapeutic product. The fragrance was very soothing. I wore it a lot in the office when I was working and it helped me feel calm and cantered.”

Seascape Island Apothecary, Uplift Awake Oil

“Enjoyed this product for a variety of reasons It is uplifting, refreshing but also quite calming. It was great to have at work, easy to top up and made me feel instantly refreshed. The children in my class commented on the smell and said it was yummy! I really enjoyed using it and had not previously used something like this instead of a perfume for scent but will certainly be using this all summer.”



Overall Winner, Best Brand and FreeFrom Achievement Award

1. Family Skincare - sponsored by NATorigin

2. Men's Grooming - sponsored by Beauty Kitchen

3. Hair Care

4. Body Care ('Leave On')

5. Body Care ('Take Off')

6. Face and body oils and Oil Serums

7. Make Up

8. Hand, Nail and Foot Care

9. Hard Soaps

10. Lip Balms - sponsored by The Green People

11. Face Care ('Leave On') - sponsored by Bare&Beyond

12. Face Care ('Wash Off')

13. Problem Skin

14. ‘Fresh and Fragrant’

15. Where to buy the products


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