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Judges' comments 2012


Face Care Shortlisted Products:
Judges' comments Part 1
Judges' comments Part 2

Following on from the judges’ comments to products entered into the Body and Haircare category in the inaugural FreeFrom Skincare Awards we’re now pleased to bring you the comments for products entered into Face Care.

Alva rhassoul cleansing

Alva – Rhassoul Mineral Cleansing Cream

“Exotic, yummy, warming, with a hint of fragrance. Easy to rinse and a little goes long way. Skin felt amazing, as the product is not at all drying. This delivered beyond expectations, leaving me with glowing and more brighter skin.”

“I found it a bit tightening and irritating on my skin, and the brown runny product was difficult to manage and use. There’s an antiseptic type fragrance, but it’s not unpleasant, and I liked the clear instructions. I just found it too drying.”

“Strange consistency and a little expensive, but my skin did feel cleansed and clear, and the product felt good on my face. I think it would be good for acne-prone skin, and could be used as a face mask. The earthy fragrance may not be to everyone’s taste.”

“A bit runny and messy, even if you shake it fully before use. You only need a small amount, it rinses well, and I found it very effective at the job of cleansing.”

Antipodes avocadoAntipodes – Avocado Pear Nourishing Night Cream

“Softening, smoothing, very rich. A luxurious thick texture, fruity, natural. Fantastic body cream too. Would be good for mature skin.”

“Softening, plumping, hydrating – the cream is buttery rich, with a delicate fragrance and manuka scent. Absorbs well. Of all the products tested I’d be most inclined to purchase this one. Attractive packaging; easy to read instructions. Bit unsure about claims of collagen production though!”

“An attractive pot. Hydrating cream with strong consistency. Skin felt lovely after use, though may be a little too greasy for some. Not sure there have been any changes in my wrinkles, and it is a little expensive, but I like that it is smoothing and plumping.”

“My skin felt smooth, supple and moisturised after using this. I have a patch of dryness on one of my cheeks which I’ve had for years, and have tried various products on over that time. Just two weeks of using this and the dryness has gone – very impressive.”

Australian Bush Flower Essences – Replenishing Night Cream

“Natural ingredients and packaging; fragrance and texture lovely. Good labels. I’m not sure it suited my skin, as it may have given me a few little whiteheads, but I did like its sensual qualities.”

“Wow… This gave me amazing skin with tightened pores. Reduced wrinkles immediately and I looked better than I have in years. Loved the floral aroma. Easily absorbed, and helped me relax before sleep. Delivered stunning results and would give it 20 out of 10 if I could!”

“Loved flowery smell and good absorbability. Would buy for the heavenly fragrance alone. It seemed to mildly reduce lines around eyes. I found the packaging and pamphlet text / claims a little excessive, though.”

“Not overpowering, and liked the right amount is dispensed by the pump action. Light texture and absorbs quickly, much like a day moisturiser. Seemed to improve texture of my skin.”

Australian bush essence

Australian Bush Flower Essences – Soothing Firming Eye Neck Face Gel

“Feels like more of a serum than an eye cream. Too runny for me, and lacking in scent. My skin felt dry after use, as if it needed moisturisation – and continued to feel so until I applied some cream. It did absorb quickly, though.”

“Great product, plumped up my skin, excellent results under make-up, delicate smell – loved it!”

“A little tight around the eyes on first use, which was an ongoing problem so that I had to restrict use to only my neck. No noticeable improvement there, but it does act as a good enough moisturiser and it absorbs quickly.”

“Too much text on outer packaging, not clearly explaining the benefits. I found it confusing. The product itself was smoothing, firming, brightening on my skin. It has a pleasant floral fragrance and light texture. Good with make-up, and good value given the excellent organic ingredients.”

B Organic

B Organic Skincare – Hydrating Organic Face Cream

“Softening, smoothing, brightening, and plumping. Lovely texture. I would buy this. Smelt as if it was doing me good!”

“Soft and comfortable on my skin. Fresh and pleasant fragrance, and non-greasy. No-nonsense packaging. Quick and efficient absorbtion. Felt a little thick for a day moisturiser, and the packaging felt cheap and tacky to me, but it did offer all-day hydration.”

“Left me mostly with soft skin. I liked the distinctive fragrance, which to me was like tea leaves. Immediate absorbtion, which I liked, but it wasn’t quite as moisturising as I like my face creams to be.”

“The fragrance was like an old-fashioned soap, and it left my skin with a ‘matt finish’ – a little dull if not wearing make-up. I’m not keen on the smell but I did think the texture was very nice indeed.”


Barefoot SOS – Soothing Face and Body Wash

“Nice scent, but it disappears quickly. Felt I needed to use a lot to get clean. Although it’s moisturising – so much so that I didn’t need to use a moisturiser after use – it doesn’t lather, which is a shame. Rinses quickly and easily. Liked the simple, plain packaging.”

“A clean almond / citrus smell, which I like. Creamy and easy to rinse off. Very refreshing to use. Not sure the outer box is necessary, though.”

“Best product I’ve tested to help with spotty back and eczema patches.”

“Fresh lemony fragrance which I like a lot. Little goes a long way. Cleansing, moisturising. I shall buy it. Economical, easy to rinse off, lemony, did deliver, and with clear instructions.”

Borealis calendulaBorealis Organic Skincare – Calendula Daily Defence Cream

“Gave me smoother, more plumped skin. Very pleasant herbal and fruity smell. Rich cream, which absorbed well. A good cream, and a good moisturiser.”

“Soft, hydrating, comfortable on my skin. Liked the delicate calendula colour and fragrance – a lovely nourishing butteryness. Modern packaging.”

“Moisturising, rich, quickly absorbed – will probably buy this. Love the jar and the organic ingredients. Good value for money as a little goes a long way – but I couldn’t read the ingredients!”

“Soft and moisturising. Easy application of foundation after applying. My skin felt less taut and dry, and it had improved texture. Only downsides are it took a while to absorb, and felt a little oily on my skin. Labelling print should be much larger too!”

Faith in Nature

Faith in Nature – Intensive Moisturising Cream

“A little too rich as a day cream, and I used it mostly at night. But it was wonderfully moisturising at the end of the day. It has a creaminess which I liked, making my skin look healthier. Hygienic packaging.”

“Reduced dry patches, very moisturising, gave me smoother, brighter skin, has a subtle fragrance. Easy to work with the texture. Make-up on top of it was fine – gave a smooth finish. Delivered beyond expectations and would buy this. Have searched for years for a facial moisturiser that works! I’m thrilled.”

“Skin felt a little tight after use, and after a week it did leave some dry patches on my face. But it’s surprisingly and pleasingly rich, and it absorbed easily. Helps plump up the skin, and really good packaging too.”

“Smoothing, moisturising, not greasy or heavy, brightening, nice fragrance, quick absorbtion – one of its best qualities – and overall much better than expected. Good price and would buy this.”

Green people

Green People – Sensitive Anti-aging 24 Hour Cream

“Fantastic, like giving skin a perfect drink. Gave an immediate effect: the best cream I’ve used in many years and it has replaced usual brand. Skin looks full, reduced lines around my lips. Light cream, pleasant to use, no unwanted smell. Nothing but good reactions.”

“Skin felt a bit dry and stretched after first use, and it didn’t make my skin feel great. No sign of age reversal, or hydration / calming effect as claimed on the label. Lovely texture though, and nice lemony fragrance. Good dispensing action, but not for me.”

“Would definitely buy this. Liked the fragrance, fine texture, absorbed quickly, leaving no residue. No greasyness and full hydration. Only quibble is dispenser pumps too much out, but ten out of ten regardless.”

“It’s unusual for me not to react to a cream, so was surprised that I had no reaction to this. It left me refreshed and with supple skin. Smoothing and nicely protecting. A perfect base for make-up. Would buy it for its rich luxurious texture.”

“Comfortable, no stinging, no irritation, sinks in quickly, no greasyiness, nicely radiant skin. Right texture for day cream, but perhaps not quite moisturising for my very dry cheeks. Fragrance-free quality is great for sensitive people. Good value, but not sure I felt protected in cold or windy weather.”

Inlight – Ecz Easy Calendula and Plantago Soothing Balm

“Skin felt softer, less itchy and less dry – healed a few patches of skin after a few days. Like the natural qualities. Medicinal looking and smelling – didn’t like smell much. Quite oily and didn’t absorb instantly, but very moisturising.”

“Wow, marigolds! Easy to spread. Does absorb after few minutes. Much more supple and soft skin after a few weeks, and less prone to drying and cracking. Soothing from moment applied. Dislike greasiness though and packaging not appealing, as I dislike foil tubes. Dated, clinical look.”

“Improved condition of skin. Liked security seal. Quite like medical/herbal scent. Vast improvement on scaly skin. Improvement needed in presentation so people don’t think the product is only for eczema.”

“Loved the fresh smell. A bit greasy but effective. Works well after a bath. Definite improvements and less dry skin. Dry patch disappeared quickly. Loved its organic status.”

“Light fragrance, a bit flowery, good texture, rubs in easily, good for chapped hands, less sore than before, softer, moisturising, a great cream!”

Face Care Shortlisted Products:
Judges' comments Part 2

Couperose gelMiessence – Soothing Couperose Gel

“Soothing and my skin felt less tight. Took some redness and blotchiness out of the skin. Impressed it brought improvement on my thread veins. Absorbed brilliantly, but didn’t help with dry patches.”

“Effects aren’t quick, so you have to persevere, but reduction in redness came after a week. Cooling, nice smell, easy application. Good value and would buy this.”

“Too much rubbing in required. Needed moisturiser after using it, and didn’t like the fragrance as it was too much like shampoo. I certainly had smoother skin and less irritation, and liked the cooling effect. Lots of good information on ingredients.”

“The brown colour was a real shock – feels a bit cheap and not nice to apply. It feels stiff. Fragrance was too strong – although it was natural. Didn’t notice improvements. Disappointing as it sounded a great product for rosacea, but no real change for me.”

“Easy to use, absorbs instantly, but not affordable enough to buy. Only need a small amount, though, and does seem to calm redness, and could be helping with a long-standing underlying rash too.”

MaskMontagne Jeunesse – Skin Clearing Blemish Mud

“Awkward packaging, a bit messy to use, and it left me with slightly taut skin. I found it harsh and drying.”

“Loved using this. Heavenly smell – eucalyptus? Smooth to apply, dries quickly, firm texture, not too thin or taut. No reactions. Brighter skin. Lots of mud in the sachet – it’s like a mud tardis! My skin felt energised. My only complaint: font too small to read.”

“A little messy, but clean aloe smell, pleasant to use, nourishing, not drying, and very plumping.”

“Overpowering pine fragrance reminded me of disinfectant. Uncomfortably taut after ten minutes. More instructions needed – and tacky packaging is a problem. I had a slightly better complexion overall, and perhaps fewer pimples. Would use again once a month. Good value for money.”


NATorigin – Regenerating Lifting serum

“Absolutely lovely. Thought make-up would roll off because of oil/gel consistency, but it improved it. Soft, supple skin, natural dewyness. Not greasy. Plumper. Absorbed brilliantly.”

“A bit tight on skin. Brightening, absorbs quickly. Loved the free-from qualities for sensitive skin, but instructions are a bit vague.”

“Texture is light and almost melted into my skin. Really pleased with results. Loved the naturalness of the product. Very economical. Loved it.”

“Bit of flaking on my skin; perhaps left skin a little matt and dry at times. Good pump dispenser – easy to use bottle – no natural greasiness, and less noticeable fine lines.”

Organic Pharmacy – Double Rose Rejuvenating Face Cream

Product samples not submitted for Beauty Bible Testing.

Pure lochside

Pure Lochside –  Orange and Echinacea Toner

“Smelt like Southern Comfort! Reduced pore size. Really liked the fact that you splashed it on without cotton wool. Sophisticated smart bottle, but a little expensive.”

“Really liked burned orange smell. Refreshed my skin beautifully, moisturiser went well on skin afterwards.”

“Fragrance too strong for me and product difficult to get out of bottle. But if felt hydrating, my moisturiser applied well afterwards, and instructions were clear.”

“Liked natural and herbal echinacea characteristic. Lovely, fresh skin, really cleansing, felt like a treat to my skin – instantly better tone. Refreshed with no sting, and without drying, and felt natural. Slightly off-putting colour, but it was absolutely lovely.”


Q Silica – Remove Make up and Grime Cleansing Gel

“Easy to use, you only need a tiny bit as it’s so thick, luxurious smell – bit lavendary – left no traces of make-up on skin. Very softening. Did exactly as promised. Smelled great – would definitely buy again. Absolutely love this.”

“Very easy to use, dispenses easily, spreads easily over face, wonderful smell, clean natural lavenadar and not synthetic at all. Surprised it removed waterproof mascara well. Hydrating skin. No dryness or tautness. Foamed well left face fresh. Only criticism is I didn’t like black packaging.”

“Thick, easy to squeeze out right amount, enjoyed using it, left me well moisturised, worked effectively, good value, excellent diretions – great product. Nothing negative to say about it at all.”

“Easy to use. Gentle, smooth gel-like consistency. Pleasant not overpowering smell. Didn’t feel a ‘chore’ to use. Delivered what expected. Great packaging. A unique and standout product.”

“Loved the monochrome packaging. Absolutely delivered. Delicious and fresh smell.”

Mabfab balmRaw Skin Food – Mab Fabulous Superbly Gentle Face and Body Balm

“Texture like vaseline meant I couldn’t apply make-up afterwards. Too greasy. Might be good for dry cuticles or very dry skin, but for me even a pea-sized amount would not rub in. Gave me pimples, sadly.”

“Didn’t absorb efficiently. Better as a hand softener. Can’t believe this is for oily skins – left my face greasy and shiny.”

“Didn’t like the cheap packaging, I’m afraid. Didn’t moisturise or relieve irritation. Liked the texture and good ingredients.”

“Can’t get used to the consistency. Too greasy and left skin shiny. Excellent as a lip balm or cuticle oil, but disappointing as a balm or moisturiser. Label says it’s a ‘nutritional daily supplement for the entire body’ – what is that claiming?”


Salcura – Antiac Acne Clearing Spray

“Strong smell of tea tree, but loved it. Reduces blackheads and to be recommended. Where has this product been hiding?”

“Cleared the breakout I had. Clear instructions, very functional, clean looking. Good value for money. Some dryness and mild flaking experienced.”

“Slightly drying, but a fresh, light fragrance and texture. Easy to use with a nice spray action. Spots cleared and complexion improved.”

“Improved patches of red, skin felt smoother, and got rid of some blemishes. Slightly too clinical smell. Felt pressure to make the product work because of the C4 Embarrassing Bodies logo – but it’s disheartening to deal with this when you’re suffering with acne. Really liked that skin felt healthier after use, though.”

“A little runny if product starts dripping before chance to rub in. Works better in long term. Skin less bumpy, clearer, and freer of whiteheads. Skin looking better. Amazing price and it lasts well. A convert!”



Sophyto – Tocotrienol Super Skin Concentrate

“Wasn’t keen on the fragrance, skin didn’t really feel different, couldn’t use make up over it, serum took time to absorb, no instant radiance, sadly. Did add moisture to my skin, and presentation is absolutely beautiful.”

“Soft, plumping, bright, supple skin. Lovely! Great base for foundation/make-up. Lovely texture, luxurious, moisturised without breaking my skin out. Can’t fault it!”

“Comfortable on skin, took a few days to feel benefit, and nice plumping action. Was told of better radiance on my skin by other people.”

“Very moisturising, not greasy/heavy, nourished looking skin, less dry and softer, smoother, worked well with make-up, lovely smell. Lovely bottle, but very expensive.”


Sukin – Purely Ageless Intensive Firming Serum

“Not particularly moisturising or softening. Expected better results as serums should be more substantial than moisturisers. Very runny – fell off my hand. Too liquidy but did feel comfortable on my skin.”

“Easily glides on. Gorgeous fragrance. Texture a light lotion but not greasy. Smooth clear decolletage. Would buy this!”

“No real difference to my skin. Texture too liquid. Application is patchy. Possibly a bit drying.”

“Moisturising and hydrating; skin didn’t feel as irritated as normal. Much smoother and softer. Nice and unusual. Absorbed almost immediately. No problems applying makeup on top. Definitely would buy this. Subtle effective labelling. Great pump action. Glass bottle made it quite heavy – plastic better maybe?”

“Liked lemon cake fragrance!”


Sukin night cream

Sukin – Moisture Restoring Night Cream

“Did feel good – much better than the other side of my face (where I was using my standard cream for comparison). Softer smoother skin. Light silky texture to the cream, not a bit greasy. Absorbed quickly. Got rid of uneven blotchiness on my face. Does have anti-ageing benefits – I am hopeful regarding my wrinkles. Delivered more than expected. Like the pot. Amazing value for money.”

“Has made my skin have a luminous quality. Long lasting, good value for money. Softening, moisturising and fresh. Wish the pot was more feminine. Not sure I liked it at first, but got used to it.”

“Lovely, soft, smooth. Hydrating. Natural fragrance. Luxurious, and absorbed easily. Left me with a fresh face. Light and lovely on skin. Would definitely buy this, but the jar is heavy and not ideal for travel.”

“Long-lasting skin brightener and moisturiser, with subtle fragrance. Texture not too heavy and absorbed well. Accumulative effect creeps up on you. Nice and simple and not overwhelming – no negative comments at all.”


Thea – Natural Harmony Perfect Me Face Cleaner

“Dislike smell – burnt coffee beans – which was overpowering, lingering. Did clean well, though, with no residue. Clear instructions, good value for money, nice pump action, easy to use.”

“No real lasting effects, I’m afraid. Perhaps absorbed too well for a cleanser. Did not stand out in any way with a ‘wow’ factor. Cleansed gently and lovely on skin, though – subtle pleasant fragrance.”

“Needed a lot of effort. Seemed to ‘dry’ into my skin before it could do its job! Unpleasant leave-behind smell. Not as good as my usual cleanser. Overpowering.”

“Rich, natural, fabulous pump dispenser, right consistency, nicely moisturising. A joy to use.”

“Would prefer it if it were fragrance free. Instructions good and the right consistency – but left my skin dry. Fiddly and waste of plastic to have two lids. Product was clean and fresh though.”


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