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Bee and Goat Skincare from the 2014 FreeFrom Skincare Awards

Goat and bee products

Two of the key trends in this year’s Free From Skincare Awards were goat’s milk products and skincare with honey or propolis - and several submitted products contained both! Here we round-up some of those which were shortlisted in 2014 - along with a selection of our Beauty Bible Testers’ thoughts on them ...

Apicare, Manuka Therapy 30% Honey Cream (Silver, Problem Skin)
“Gorgeous honey scented smell, not too sweet and overpowering. Almost immediate difference – redness reduced on patch of eczema, skin felt more moisturised and nourished. Itchiness caused by eczema reduced, skin felt smoother and started to look healthier overall. Fabulous”
“The dryness on my legs vastly improved. Nice simple packaging, labelling very clear, love Honey so a great ingrediant for me”
“It did not specifically control the dry flakiness of my eczema but it did make it less itchy. Because I was less prone to scratch it controlled by eczema. The skin did feel calmer - apart from a slight 'warmth' given off by the cream but it wasn't an issue for me.”
“Absorbed well and skin felt smooth. This was a lovely cream and it was very good to relieve the itching with eczema. It stopped my dermatitis totally.”

BeeInspired, Ultimate face cream, bergamot, sandalwood + pine (Shortlisted, Men’s Grooming)
“Skin felt healthy, soft and moisturised, although a little greasy. The cream has a slight herby and citrus fragrance which is pleasant. The product spreads easily but does not seem to absorb fully, and leaves a slightly waxy feel to the skin”
“Waxy. My face looked a little bit "plastic" after putting this on and it didn't absorb well. I felt it was competing with the natural skin oils and forming another layer. Sandalwood and bergamot are not two of my favourite scents.@
“Skin felt exceptionally nourished, hydrated and more plumped. Loved the fragrance, very refreshing. Reminded me of pine forests.”
“This cream softened the skin and provided a barrier to sun, cold and wind. The texture was unusually akin to a fresh whipped double cream. Will take a cologne well with no competition of scent.”
“Feels like more of a night-time cream than daytime. Has that typically organic cottage-industry feel to it. Good value for money.”

Beeutiful, Healing Balm (Shortlisted, Problem Skin)
“Versatile and suitable for all members of the family including my kids. Used on dry skin patches, small grazes and insect bites. Was calming and soothing. Smelled of tea tree oil but quite a light fragrance.”
“The texture is quite gooey and gritty which was a bit off putting but once you rub it in it is not so bad. Does leave quite a greasy residue for a while. I did find this soothing, it felt like a blanket of goodness was going on top of my skin and doing it good.”
“Smelt of honey… A great medicine cabinet must have. Simple packaging and I love the fact that it is supporting British beekeepers.”
“It is soothing but no particular improvement to skin, though skin a bit more moisturised. Good value but would want evidence of healing properties.”
“Used this balm on daughter’s knee injury which had scabbed - very soothing and my daughter liked it on her poorly knee, healed quickly with no infection.”

Chuckling Goat, Pro-Biotic Skin Food for Troubled Skin (Bronze, Problem Skin)
“Tea tree and thyme - so smells very medicinal - however I did get used to it. It is soothing and light and absorbs quickly with no greasy residue. It reduced rosacea redness.”
“A bit too runny, but did work in well and quickly. I had an itchy tingly sore rash around my lips and my normal prescription cream just wouldn't soothe the rash ... tried some of this, wow, instant relief. My rash calmed within 24 hours”
“This cannot be used on broken skin so I could only use it on minor eczema patches - definitely improved. This seems to me to to be the sort of cream I need to use on a daily basis to keep eczema in check.”
“I would recommend to anyone with young skin, troubled with spots to give this a go. Fabulous name, packaging, bottle, philosophy, think this would appeal to younger people especially boys who don't want feminine smelling creams, cream felt nice on my face and body and it did hydrate and smooth my skin.”

Cyril's Soap Shed, Goats Milk Soap (Shortlisted, Hard Soaps)
“It lathered well. Fully cleansed my hands without drying out the skin. The wrapping made it look extra special so you could give as as gift.”
“Unfragranced - but I couldn’t help feeling it smelt goaty! Cleansed effectively - was better than many bars of soap. Nice simple packaging and labelling.”
“The bar held it's shape really well - the last sliver was a long, thin rectangular shape.  It also kept a lovely, creamy lather right to the end. So gentle. I really liked this soap, it was great for my skin and I would happily let my children use it so I would probably buy it for my family as a treat.”

Cyril's Soap Shed, Honey, Goats and Oats (Shortlisted, Hard Soaps)
“Quite an 'earthy' scent. Very little lather. Hands felt clean and softened after use. Nicely packaged, bar looks good, feels firm, did not melt or lose shape.”
“Very comforting milky smell. Loved bathing the children in this particularly as although it doesn't leave the skin fragranced my children had that lovely clean baby smell. Lathers well into creamy bubbles with minimum effort.”
“I found the oats made it quite scratchy. Skin didn’t feel as dried out as using cheap soaps. Nicely packaged in brown paper - which feels eco-friendly - but didn’t hold together well.”
“Lathered up great and my skin felt cleansed but not stripped or dry. I never usually use a soap in the shower but I really liked this one. Only negative is that this soap did not last very long.”

Lomond Soap, Goats Milk, Manuka & Calendula Soap (Shortlisted, Hard Soaps)
“Skin smelled fresh, there was plenty of lather, I felt clean and smelled lovely after use! No need to use cream afterwards, except on my face.”
“It was moisturising and didn’t leave a taut effect on the skin which some soaps can. Kept its quality and its shape and it didn’t crack either. Very gentle.”
“Lathered well and fairly easily. Only problem was square shape which was a bit bulky in my hand. The packaging, the fragrance free aspect, the size of the soap - definitely one for men.”
“This soap lathered very easily, it felt rich and luxurious. Did a lovely job of cleaning my body, I felt the lather went a long way and was rich enough for me to feel like I had a good soaping.”
“There are very few soaps out there that you can literally just wash and go - no need for handcream afterwards - loved this product!”

The Little Goat Soap Company, Lavender & Bergamot Goats Milk Soap (Shortlisted, Hard Soaps)
“Lovely subtle fragrance which smelled mainly of lavender. Left skin with a very delicate fragrance after use. Lathered up very easily and felt great on the skin, really soft. My skin felt super clean and cleansed which I loved.”
“Held its shape well, didn't crack or go soggy. And it still smells slightly of lavender. I am usually incredibly sensitive to soap but I can use it all over my body with no stinging, rashes or blotches.”
“It wasn’t clear from the packaging what the soap would be like. I wasn't expecting my hands to feel so refreshed and clean afterwards”
“Very "cute" packaging that has a real "homemade" feel to it, quality ingredients, over all great product.”
“It is a gentle, yet effective soap and if it was sold in an easily accessible shop, then I would probably buy it again.”

Therapi, Orange Blossom Honey Gel Cleanser (Shortlisted, Face Care - Take Off)
“Good consistency, very easy to use. Texture was a thick lotion, mixed easily with water to put onto skin. A gorgeous orange/honey-ish smell – lovely to use in the morning, felt very reviving. A really effective and gentle product”
“It was quite runny and the pump was a little bit too strong but I got used to that and found it easy to apply to my face and neck. Quite drying, but my skin is looking clearer and cleaner. Good value for money.”
“When used on make up free skin I was left feeling very cleansed, fresh and hydrated no tightness at all - even though my skin is quite dry. This product offers a balancing gentle cleanser that removes impurities without leaving dryness. It delivers on what it offers though for me it would only work as a morning cleanser or when I am not wearing make up.”
“Great ingredients, immaculate packaging - not cheap but a real treat for the skin that feels special.”

Therapi, Propolis + Ultra Radiance Cream (Shortlisted, Face Care - Leave On)
“My skin was left glowing and plumped, and the redness and irritation was instantly reduced. My skin felt rejuvenated, and I had a lovely glowing complexion, brighter and even. It is a miracle cream, and one to use more as a treatment I think due to the richness of it.”
“This is one of the nicest face creams I've ever tried. Kept my skin soft all day and it was lovely as an overnight cream as well. Seriously impressed. I love the texture - I've not experienced another cream that manages to be so rich and yet sinks in fast leaving a velvety texture rather than a shiny or oily finish. It was perfect under make-up for that reason.”
“We have used honey as a beauty enhancer for centuries and there's a reason for this, it really does work! Results are so good I would treat myself to this.”
“Thoroughly nourished skin. Skin felt like it was plumper and well moisturised.”

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