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NATorigin ‘extreme tolerance’ and hypoallergenic skincare products


The NATorigin range of ‘extreme tolerance’ and hypoallergenic skincare products and make-up uses at least 97% naturally sourced ingredients, which are especially suited to contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes.

Throughout July, two guinea pigs have been testing three of the biggest selling items in the NATorigin range: the NATorigin Mascara; the NATorigin Pencil Eye Liner (which was the winner of the Natural and Organic Awards 2010 Best New Natural Beauty Product); and the NATorigin Eye Make-Up Remover Emulsion (a finalist in the same category).

The testers were Hazel, a contact lens wearer with sensitive skin and easily irritated eyes, and Stephanie, a tester with no sensitive skin or eye issues. Here’s what they had to say about the products.

NATorigin Lengthening Mascara £14.50 for 6g

Hazel says: “I usually have a problem with mascara though I like to wear lots of it. So I want something durable but sensitive. Many waterproof mascaras can set me off and the gentler ones end up being smeared down my face. This one is surprisingly durable and has stayed the course admirably (including at a wedding at which I was a snivelling bridesmaid!). I like it a lot. Not clumpy, easy to apply and durable. A winner.”

Stefanie says: “I like that the mascara doesn’t sting when it gets in your eye or when you accidentally poke yourself with the mascara wand. My only criticism is that perhaps it doesn’t lengthen lashes as much as some of the so-called ‘volumizing’ mascaras. I’ve got quite short lashes so I usually use that type of mascara. I would say it’s ideal for day wear but perhaps not so much at night when you want a more dramatic effect!”

The Mascara is available in brown, black, blue and green. It is vegan and made from 98.5% naturally sourced ingredients.

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NATorigin Pencil Eye Liner £7.25 for 1.1g

Hazel says: “Generally my experiences with the eye liner were very positive. It’s long-lasting which is good for a liner for me as it’s not something I use regularly. It lasts well when it’s applied, but still comes off easily using the eye-make up remover.”

Stefanie says: “I liked it a lot, but my only criticism is that it went very soft in the heat (although it was very hot at the time, as I was abroad in the Med), so you may need to keep the product somewhere cool when the temperature rises. This is generally true of all eyeliners but this one seemed to go particularly soft, although that could be due to the fact that it is totally natural, which of course is a positive.”

The Eye Liner is available in blue, black, brown and green, and is made from 100% naturally sourced ingredients.

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NATorigin Eye Make-up Remover Emulsion £11.25 for 125ml

Hazel says: “This smells lovely. It’s not too greasy and it removes make-up well – not as well as my usual (Benefit) make-up remover, admittedly, but that one can occasionally make my eyes water and this one does not. It’s nice enough to be used as a general make-up remover as your skin feels nice and soft afterwards.”

Stefanie says: “It has a pleasant fragrance even though it’s natural or naturally-sourced, whereas a lot of natural products don’t. It’s very soothing. In fact, when I was on holiday and came home from the beach and my eyes were sore because I’d had sun products on my face, it really helped cool them down.”

The Emulsion is made from 98% naturally sourced ingredients.

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Other products in the NATorigin range include Detoxifying Moisturising Cream, Firming Anti-wrinkle Cream, Regenerating Lifting Serum, Facial Cleansing Milk and Facial Cleansing Water.

The range boasts excellent ‘free from’ properties, which we know are of major concern to readers: all products are free from parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, silicones, chrome and ingredients of animal origin (hence are vegan friendly).

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