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NATorigin Cleansing Milk, Cleansing Water and Regenerating Lifting Serum

NATorigin clenaign milk

The NATorigin range of ‘extreme tolerance’ and hypoallergenic skincare products and make-up uses at least 97% naturally sourced ingredients, which are especially suited to contact lens wearers and those with sensitive eyes.

Last year, in August 2010, two of our regular testers tried out three of the biggest selling items in the NATorigin range: the Mascara; the Pencil Eye Liner (which was the winner of the Natural and Organic Awards 2010 Best New Natural Beauty Product); and the Eye Make-Up Remover Emulsion (a finalist in the same category), and we reported their findings and experiences.

One year on, our same testers are back to put another three NATorigin products through their paces – Facial Cleansing Milk, Facial Cleansing Water (toner) and Regenerating Lifting Serum. Here’s what they had to say.

NATorigin Facial Cleansing Milk (cleanser) (£12.00, 200ml)

Hazel says: “I wasn’t overly keen on the smell of this but when used in conjunction with the cleansing water, that didn’t really matter. I really like the texture on application. It’s quite milky and satisfying to apply and really feels like it’s doing something immediately. On use, my skin feels instantly softer and after use (without the cleansing water), it feels clean and fresh and with the toner even better. Prolonged use makes my skin feel consistently well-cleansed.”

Stefanie says: “This has a nice fragrance, which I really like about NATorigin products – as most natural products smell ‘neutral’ at best and ‘quite unpleasant’ most of the time, but these generally smell lovely. The milk is fairly thick – so a little goes a long way – but it goes on really smoothly so you can wipe off easily. Directions indicate that it’s for face and neck, but I used it to remove eye make-up too without any problem. I was using all the products on suntanned skin, but felt absolutely no soreness. I was also was happy about using it before sun exposure as, being natural, I didn’t think it would cause any blotchiness – and it didn’t.”

The Facial Cleansing Milk has 98.5% naturally sourced ingredients and its pH is identical to that of skin. It boasts protective antioxidant organic arctic raspberry seed extract, stimulating red seaweed extract and anti-inflammatory, cellular-rebuilding brown seaweed extract.

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NATorigin Facial Cleansing Water (Toner) (£12.00, 250ml)

Hazel says: “This smells absolutely lovely (is it the seaweed?) and is a really nice tonic to finish off a cleansing routine. I’m not entirely convinced it is especially effective as it’s quite watery and insubstantial but it’s a nice alternative to some more astringent toners and is really nice to sometimes splash on for a refreshing scent. When used with a cotton wool ball, it doesn’t feel like it’s doing much but the smell makes it worth using now and again. I might be more inclined to use a different toner with the NATorigin Facial Cleansing Milk.”

Stefanie says: “Really delightful fresh fragrance, pleasant tingly sensation when first wiped over skin. Obviously, as a toner this can’t be used to remove eye make-up, but I did use it sometimes during the day to ‘cool’ and refresh my skin.”

The Facial Cleansing Water is made from 98.4% naturally sourced ingredients, with a pH identical to that of skin. Like the Facial Cleansing Milk, it boasts protective antioxidant organic arctic raspberry seed extract, stimulating red seaweed extract and anti-inflammatory, cellular-rebuilding brown seaweed extract.

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NATorigin Regenerating Lifting Serum (£21.75, 30ml)

Hazel says: “I found the smell of this a little offputting, and the serum itself is a yellowy-brown colour, which doesn’t exactly fill one with delight. That said, after applying, my skin feels quite taut and nice and smooth and the effects seem to last all day. I would definitely use this again. I like the nozzle and ease of delivery. The 30ml bottle is a nice handy size too, though it would be good to have application instructions on the bottle (it only says in the literature to apply and leave for 1-2 minutes). Prolonged use shows no real visible effects (to me) but my skin feels nice every time I use it.”

Stefanie says: “This has an unusual colour; I expected it to be white/cream coloured but it is actually caramel coloured. My skin feels smooth and slightly ‘tighter’ just after use. We’re told you need to wait 28 days to see a noticeable effect but after just two weeks two people told me separately that I had lovely skin! Although my skin does feel smooth, I can’t say personally that I’ve seen any difference – although my skin is suntanned at present.”

The serum is made from 99.5% naturally sourced ingredients. It boasts a naturally-sourced tensing active mix (of acacia rubber and polysaccharides) that acts instantly to stretch and mechanically smooth the skin, leading to a visible reduction in wrinkle depth and over time aims to reduce skin ageing. Like the Cleanser and Toner, it contains nourishing, hydrating organic arctic raspberry seed oil and moisturising, softening, regenerating red seaweed extract.

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General comments

Both Hazel and Stefanie also had some overall comments:

Hazel that she would be inclined to choose the products over her more usual scented products on account of the natural ingredients.
Stefanie also added that she would have liked to see instructions on the products themselves, that overall her skin has felt wonderfully hydrated since she started using them, that she would use all products again – and recommend them to a friend with psoriasis.

The NATorigin range boasts exceptional ‘free from’ properties: all products are free from alcohol, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, silicones, SLS/SLES, petrochemicals, nickel, chrome, DEA, MEA, TEA and PEG.

As far as food allergens are concerned, they are free from dairy products, peanuts (but not tree nuts) and both wheat and gluten.

For further information about the NATOrigin range, visit the website:


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