Goat milk soap linked to food allergy

A woman with mild eczema who had been using goat milk soap and moisturiser to help with dry skin, suffered from a severe allergic reaction when she ate goat’s cheese. She began using goat products in 2009, and experienced an itchy mouth after eating goat’s cheese in 2010, and then hives after using a goat milk moisturiser. In 2011 she suffered from tongue and throat swelling after eating goat, sheep and feta cheese. In 2012 she experienced a reaction that had to be treated with adrenalin after accidentally eating goat’s cheese.

Dr Raymond Mullins, an allergy and immunology specialist from Canberra, said that any soap may aggravate the dryness of a non-intact skin. The exposure to the food allergen in the goat milk products may have sensitised the woman to later oral ingestion. Mullins advises eczema sufferers to avoid all soaps, and any moisturisers that contain food products – eczema suffers have particularly dry skin, and a protein mutation could cause skin to fall apart.

Source: Medical Journal of Australia

Full article: Canberra Times

August 2012


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