Mite induced inflammation – more than allergy

There is an association between atopic conditions and hypersensitivity reactions to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and this is perceived to be especially so in patients allergic to mites.

A review of medical literature concerning the association of atopic diseases, mite hypersensitivity and intolerance to NSAIDs shows that people who are sensitive to NSAIDs are often atopic and allergic to mites. Patients who develop oral mite anaphylaxis are sensitive to NSAIDs.

This study confirms the association of mite hypersensitivity with aspirin/NSAIDs intolerance and provides additional clues to various nonallergic causes of the acute and chronic inflammatory process observed in atopic, mite-allergic, individuals. The clinical relevance of this review is under further investigation.

Source: Allergy and Rhinology

August 2012

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