Correctly labelled rubber gloves would prevent allergic reactions to chemical additives in the gloves

Rubber additives are one of the most frequent causes of allergic dermatitis. A questionnaire issued to professionals working in the manufacture, research, prescription and commercialization of rubber gloves has gathered information into how much those professionals know about the chemical additives used in their product manufacture.

Of the 30 people interviewed by questionnaire, there were: 4 researchers in occupational medicine, 5 occupational physicians, 2 occupational safety technicians, a rubber workers' union physician, an occupational safety engineer, a rubber glove production engineer, 4 importers of gloves, a manufacturer of gloves, 3 businessmen who sell PPE, 3 sales clerks working in stores that sell PPE, 2 businessmen who own stores that sell products for allergic individuals, and 3 dermatologists.

The questionnaires showed that all-round knowledge of the chemical composition of rubber gloves is seriously scarce. Correct labelling would allow allergic people to avoid buying gloves with known chemicals that they would react to. Correct labelling would be a low-cost initiative for businesses, with huge repercussions for rubber glove users, and the health service.

Source: Anais Brasileiros de Dermatologia

October 2011

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