Sunlight induced eczema?

One in ten people suffer from abnormal reactions to sunlight (called photodermatoses), such as developing eczema. Photodermatoses are a group of abnormal reactions to sunlight, of which sunburn, not being abnormal, is not one. Reviewing 20-odd years of literature on photodermatoses, Professor Dr Percy Lehmann and Professor Dr Thomas Schwarz of Witten-Herdecke University and Schleswig-Holstein University respectively, wanted to clarify the diagnosis and treatment of the various different photodermatoses, complicated because of similar phenotypes and confusing classification.

They found that photodermatoses are caused by an abnormal reaction to sunlight, usually to the ultraviolet component, and are divided into phototoxic and photoallergic reactions. Photodermatoses are not life threatening but can cause considerable suffering, and prevention (avoiding sunlight) can be as important as treatment with ointments and tablets.

Source: Deutsches Aerzteblatt International

March 2011

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