Chateau Seaweed' - a tipple to ease eczema?

An enterprising marine biologist from Germany has come up with a novel new wine made from a seaweed which, it is claimed, may boost the immune system and have a beneficial effect on human skin.

The 16% proof wine is made using the brown Laminaria saccharina seaweed (sugar kelp algae) harvested off the Baltic coast. This has long been regarded both as a delicacy and as something of a super food because of the large amounts of minerals it contains. Its unique blend of minerals, salts, vitamins and proteins has also led to Laminaria being used in 'youth-enhancing' creams, scrubs and shower gels.

The theory behind the wine's proposed effect on eczema is that the alginic acid contained in brown Baltic seaweed binds with the toxins in the intestines and carries them out of the body, thus preventing them from being eliminated through the skin and perhaps causing a worsening of eczema.

The wine, which is on sale in Germany for £15.00 a bottle, is said to taste like a fine sherry and has been described by sommeliers as having an ‘intense terroir with a marzipan flavour’. Chefs are said to be using it in haute cuisine and cocktails.

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