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Early, aggressive treatment of patients with infantile atopic dermatitis significantly reduces food allergy incidence by 18 months of age. February 2015

Study suggests that a new drug may block the immune response which causes the skin lesions in eczema. January 2015

Vitamin D significantly improves symptoms of winter-related atopic dermatitis in children. October 2014

Nonpathogenic bacteria may help inflammatory skin diseases like eczema. January 2014

Coconut oil more effective than mineral oils in treating eczematous skin. January 2014

Preservatives in cosmetics known as formaldehyde releasers likely to cause damaging reactions in those with eczema.  December 2013

Efficacy of Kampo (Japanese herbal) medicines in treating atopic dermatitis. An overview. December 2013

Hydrogen-rich water may offer an alternative preventive and treatment for eczema. November 2013

Researchers at Stanford discover mechanism by which dilute bleach can help radiation dermatitis and infected eczema. November 2013

Meta-analysis finds that probiotics or synbiotics may reduce the incidence of eczema in infants up to 2 years although systemic sensitization did not change following probiotic administration. October 2013

Consumption of a soybean extract helped atopic dermatitis in mice.
October 2013

Atopic Dermatitis, food allergy and dietary interventions. Most AD cases face malnutrition issues and uncontrolled disease due to poor skin care which may bias dermatologists into dismissing food exclusion regimes. The authors emphasize the need for food allergy testing in refractory AD cases, where atopic predisposition is suspected. October 2013

An analysis of systematic reviews of treatments for atopic eczema published in 2010-11. July 2013

Pregnant mothers can use moderate amounts of steroid skin creams without danger to their unborn babies. September 2013

Detoxification combining fasting with fluid therapy for refractory cases of severe atopic dermatitis July 2013

Lower prevalence of atopic dermatitis in breast-fed infants whose allergic mothers restrict dairy products. February 2013

Detoxification combining fasting with fluid therapy for refractory cases of severe atopic dermatitis. July 2013

Literature review suggests that evening primrose oil does not reduce the itchiness of skin in eczema.  May 2013

Allergy testing for atopic dermatitis (eczema)  when there have been no episode of allergic reactions may be unnecessary. May 2013 

Extract of Rhus verniciflua bark suppresses many of the symptoms of allergic contact dermatitis. March 2013 

Bathing in dilute bleach helps infected eczema. January 2013

Atopy patch testing a useful tool for diagnosing late-phase reactions to food in eczematous children. October 2012

Cow's milk allergy rarely appears to play a role in the worsening of atopic dermatitis in adolescent and adult patients. August 2012

Recently identified immune cells offer a possible therapeutic target for eczema treatment. January 2013

Volunteers sought for skincare trials at Manchester University. January 2013

An in-depth examination of the role and efficacy of moisturisers, particularly the more recently introduced ceramide-based formulations, in the skin care regimen of patients with both active and dormant atopic dermatitis/eczema. July 2012

Early eczema is associated with a higher risk of childhood asthma. October 2012

Blocking the itch mechanism – new clues on how to treat eczema. October 2012

Silver-loaded cellulose fabric with seaweed may help with the treatment of eczema. July 2012

Combining probiotics may improve adult eczema. October 2012

Selected probiotics may have a role in the prevention/management of IgE-associated allergic eczema. September 2012

Specific allergen/immunotherapy treatment possible for atopic eczema. August 2012

New understandings of skin conditions can improve quality of life of children & teens with psoriasis and eczema. August 2012

Skin allergies – tips for natural treatments that avoid steroids from Laurie Nigro. August 2012

Rhubarb may help to ease eczema. March 2012

Red ginseng extract may help prevent scratching in the treatment of atopic dermatitis/eczema. March 2012

Quercetin better than cromolyn as treatment for eczema and photosensitivity. August 2012

Supplementing with probiotics during pregnancy or in early life to prevent eczema. May 2012

Severe eczema can be treated successfully by intravenous immunoglobulin. April 2012

Omega-3s may protect children against allergies. July 2012

Knitted silk fabrics helpful for clothing and bedding in the management of childhood eczema. June 2012

Lactobacillus rhamnosus prevented the development of atopic dermatitis (eczema) in mice. May 2012

Supplementation with fermented soya product, ImmuBalance has been found to effectively reduce itching in eczematous mice. August 2012

Oral vitamin D supplementation dramatically improved disease severity in patients with eczema. March 2012

Alternative treatments for eczema sought since long-term use of corticosteroids a cause for concern. June 2012

Cost-effectiveness of using prebiotics to prevent atopic dermatitis. February 2012

Progressive muscle relaxation may be useful in the management of atopic dermatitis, due to its ability to reduce anxiety. May 2012

Homeopathy shown to be effective for atopic dermatitis in two studies here and here but the systematic review here disputes efficacy. May 2012

Eczema increases susceptibility to fine particulate matter in office environments. April 2012

Probiotics help to reduce eczema symptoms in adults and children. October 2011

A synbiotic combination of pre and probiotics, L. salivarius plus fructo-oligosaccharide, is better than the prebiotic alone for treating moderate to severe childhood atopic dermatitis. March 2012

Intake of probiotic Lactobacillus paracasei over a nine month period suggest modest effects on T-cell maturation and therefore on the prevention of allergic eczema. April 2012

Acupuncture and antihistamine both successful in reducing eczema itch. Abstract here, comment here. February 2012

Sunshine may help to prevent allergies and eczema. February 2012

Probiotics in early life continue to lower the risk for eczema and rhinoconjunctivitis until at least 4 years of age. February 2012

Treating atopic dermatitis with a low-histamine diet. September 2011

Watching funny films helps the tummy! Or, more precisely, faecal flora. June 2011

The effect of aqueous cream BP on the skin barrier in volunteers with a previous history of atopic dermatitis. August 2011

Full-body blue light may be an effective treatment for severe eczema. June 2011

Partially hydrolysed cow’s milk formula has been found to have beneficial effects on infants with mild atopic dermatitis. November 2011

Comparison of topical corticosteroids and non-topical anti-inflammatory agents in treatment of atopic dermatitis. June 2011

Study challenges the value of probiotics/prebiotics in treating childhood atopic dermatitis. March 2011

Vitamins E and D helpful in treating eczema. June 2011

Over the counter moisturizers just as effective as costly prescription creams for mild-to-moderate eczema. May 2011

Immunotherapy of allergic contact dermatitis. August 2011

Deadly ancient Egyptian medication – the dark secret of Queen Hatshepsut’s flacon. August 2011

Colostrum for skin conditons and heat induced gut disorders? July 2011

Two studies show that emollient creams to relieve the symptoms of eczema make the condition worse. May 2011

The use of topical corticosteroids in children with eczema does not have negative side effects. April 2011

Soft water may not be better for eczema sufferers. February 2011

Benefits of topical treatment with collolidal oatmeal for eczema and psoriasis. September 2010

Maternal consumption of probiotics dramatically reduces the incidence of eczema in children. July 2010

Evening Primrose Oil may relieve eczema. July 2010

Probiotics help eczema in small children. June 2010

'Soak and seal' protocol for eczema from National Jewish Health. June 2010

More on bleach baths for eczema. June 2010

GPs inappropriately prescribing aqueous cream to eczema patients. February 2010

Acupuncture may reduce eczema itch.
December 2009

Could ‘polished’ wool be the answer for those with eczema and other irritable skin conditions? December 2009

More evidence that probiotics may limit eczema in infants. October 2009

Generations of visitors to thermal springs proved right – spring water does help eczema. July 2009

Bleach out your eczema. July 2009

Chinese herbal treatment for eczema gets green light. July 2009

Skin barrier master gene discovery may lead to new eczema treatments. April 2009

Tips for dealing with hand eczema. March 2009

Emerging medical therapies for atopic dermatitis. March 2009

TCM effective for eczema. March 2009

How to treat childhoood eczema. March 2009

Skin barrier master gene discovery may lead to new eczema treatments. April 2009

Another soft water/eczema trial. February 2009

The Softened Water Eczema Trial. January 2009

American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology - latest research in the management of contact dermatitis/eczema. November 2008

Vitamin D. November 2008

Fish oils and birds. November 2008

Probiotics no help. November 2008

Bacteria can help prevent the development of infant eczema. August 2008

Diet for eczema. August 2008.

Plaudits for Dermaguard. August 2008

New skin healing chemicals developed. January 2008

New eczema drugs. January 2008

Traditional Chinese Medicine can help control the itch in eczema. January 2008

Giggling mums help babies’ eczema. December 2007

Eczema made worse by too much cleanliness. December 2007

Cannabis compound helps contact dermatitis. November 2007

No evidence that expensive eczema bath products work better than standard emollients. November 2007

300 families recruited to find out if water softeners can help in the treatment of childhood eczema. November 2007

Prebiotics and probiotics could protect some infants from eczema. December 2007

Bad Gastein in the Alps provides relief from rheumatism, arthritis, asthma and skin conditions. August 2007

Probiotic treatment may limit eczema in infants. July 2007

Research suggests marijuana's active ingredient may curb inflammation and help treat skin allergies. June 2007

Asthma/eczema treatment breakthrough. November 2006

'Chateau Seaweed' - a tipple to ease eczema? October 2006

Will prebiotics help infants at risk of atopic eczema?
July 2006


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