Tried and tested diet for eczema

With thanks to Dr Harry Morrow-Brown for alerting us to this extract from a century-old cookery book ...

Tried Favourites
Cookery Book
Household Hints and Other Useful Information
by Mrs E.W. Kirk

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(below from the twenty-sixth and Enlarged Edition 1948)

“Diet cures more than the Doctor.”

The success which has attended twenty five editions of TRIED FAVOURITES, has abundantly proved that the need for good, nourishing food, well cooked and tastefully served, is the need of all ages. It has been said that they who provide the food of the world decide the health of the world....

Diet for Eczema

Eczema is often due to eating too much, or else too little and unsuitable food. Meat should not be indulged in more than once a day. Shellfish, salmon, mackerel or herrings should not be eaten. Cereal preparations are good, but those made of wheat or barley are preferable to oatmeal. Almost all green vegetables are good, especially French beans, sprouts, spinach, lettuce and green peas, but potatoes, dried peas and beans and lentils and the heavier vegetables should be avoided or eaten very sparingly. Tea and coffee must be taken with great moderation. Any food that is causing disorder or retards the process of digestion must be strictly avoided – highly seasoned meats and souple, spiced sauces, new bread, pastry, cakes, cheese, apples, bananas (unless cooked), cabbage and tinned beef are also to be rigidly avoided.

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August 2008

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