Evening Primrose Oil May Relieve Eczema

The Efamol Research Institute in Guildford, U.K has just conducted a meta-analysis on nine controlled trials of evening primrose oil and its effect in the treatment of eczema. Doctors and patients assessed the severity of eczema by scoring measures of inflammation, dryness, scaliness, itchiness and overall skin involvement. Both showed that evening primrose oil was shown to be strikingly effective with respect to improvement in itchiness.

In another study was conducted at the University of Turku, Finland subjects with eczema were divided into two groups: one group receiving EPO for 12 weeks and the other a placebo. The EPO groups had a statistically significant improvement in the overall severity and grade of inflammation and in the percentage of the body surface involved by eczema as well as in dryness and itch. They also showed a significantly greater reduction in inflammation than those receiving placebo, similar to the results of the meta-analysis.

Courtesy of www.healthiertalk.com

July 2010

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