Supplementing with probiotics during pregnancy or in early life to prevent eczema

Researchers have reviewed a collection of studies on whether probiotics can prevent the development of allergic conditions in children. To date, research has shown conflicting results, and this review looked at randomized controlled trials to determine whether probiotic use during pregnancy or early life (of the infant) decreases the chance of eczema or IgE-associated eczema in later childhood.

They found 14 studies where either probiotics or placebos were used, and where outcomes were the incidence of eczema or IgE-related eczema. The studies showed that probiotics do help to prevent the development of eczema and IgE-associated eczema, regardless of the time the probiotics were received (pregnancy or early life) and by whom (mother, child or both).

Source: Epidemiology

May 2012


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