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Whey to go?

“In Italy we used to bathe babies in this,” said my mother, carrying a large pot of watery yellow whey towards the kitchen sink. She had just made a little bowl of fresh, stiff ricotta cheese (very easy — bring a couple of…
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Facts, half-truths, myths – do we know what’s what in ‘free from’ skincare?

The subject of fact in natural skincare is something Michelle and I think about a lot as editors of the SkinsMatter.com site – we want to bring you accurate information, after all – but getting to the bottom of certain…
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Can it really be allergy free, ‘nasties’ free or chemical free?

One of our minor pet peeves at Skins Matter is manufacturers describing their products as ‘chemical free’. We’d been meaning to write a blog on this for a while, but planning and this month launching the Free From Skincare Awards…
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