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  • Unusually delayed reaction after the H1N1 vaccine: A case of a female medical doctor with no history of atopy who experienced allergic contact dermatitis three weeks after a vaccination which contained thimerosal, and subsequently tested positive to thimerosal in a patch test. October 2010
  • Gardeners hands... Michelle Berriedale-Johnson reviews the prevalence of hand eczema among gardeners and offers simple avoidance tip. May 2011
  • Healthy Skin Product Ranges – Micki Rose reviews her top products for sensitive skin, keeping an especial eye open for those which are totally gluten free. April 2011
  • Contact dermatitis and cosmetics. Cosmetic products can sometimes trigger an adverse response, either irritant or allergic. Alex Gazzola looks at the kinds of responses cosmetics can cause, how to get diagnosed if you have a problem, and how to avoid your triggers. November 2010


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